In the past, I would write letters with friends and collect stamps, and I would also see what I liked to buy, because there were conditions, so it was a small hobby, and then I didn't write letters and this hobby was put on hold. Did not expect to see a girl's share today, she is still continuing to collect stamps, and she said that now the express can also be stamped, but you must take your ID card to the post office, you can also buy discounted stamps, and the box to send things can be brought separately because the box of the post office is charged. I just learned today that express delivery can also be stamped… It was so busy back then. I really miss collecting stamps since 1993, from the original lively Southwest River philatelic market to the later decline, now occasionally go to the post office in Chaoyang Street to buy annual albums, although the online sales of annual albums are cheaper, but there is a feeling or a sense of ceremony, you must go to the post office every year (the original site of this post office is also one of the first modern post offices in the Qing Dynasty). Was one of the first post offices to issue Panlong stamps). From primary school, junior high school, high school, university to later work, stamps give too much knowledge, a lot of work has been to the place, in childhood stamps have been in advance: Taihu Lake pregnant Wuyue miniatures, the Three Gorges that rolling packages, the atmosphere of the Forbidden City, not to mention characters, famous stamps. Now all mobile phone contact it seems that everyone has a history of stamp collection ah, this is too powerful, no problem of the hobby of 90 after 00 people also know the monkey ticket, the motherland is a red these allusion? When I went to school, I set a 94 year, and then began to get commemorative coins, The Times have changed. I really don't know if you tell us about it. It is a collection hobby. Yes, and now there is no letter. Now it is just a common consumption too little, the stock is too large, the precious mail is still very expensive, and Jiangshan a piece of red hit a new high at the auction. The first stamp in my stamp collection is the harp in the Story of the Western Chamber, and I have not yet collected this set of the Story of the Western Chamber. Yesterday, I dumped two sets of stamps on the idle fish, and returned more than 300, and today I dumped some more, and then the rest of the worthless will continue to save, it is estimated that there are thousands of it. T82 I have you either, small window primary school began collecting stamps, set to middle school, up to this century thousand. All the ones from the '90s, half from the' 80s. There are also some from the previous 30 years, which have not been opened for more than 20 years, and it seems that the fourth pavilion is short so go to the leisure fish and buy a separate one