Men love women out there. Is there really no affection for the original wife of the family? In fact, men don't love what's out there. There are even men who don't love anyone. They prefer to be with a man and talk about their dreams. This may not even be clear to the men themselves. There are essentially two reasons why a man can't give up a woman outside.

1, a moment of understanding is not a man, so simple. It's a dependent relationship with a woman outside of marriage not a man, really stupid enough not to understand anything. You know, you just want to be with a woman out of wedlock. It's a man with a woman outside of marriage for a long time. It establishes a kind of attachment. It's an intimate link between the opposite sex. It's the relationship between men and women, the bond that supports each other. For example, when a man is having a hard time at work and stagnates. The women in the family, maybe because they don't understand. You know, you just complain about men indiscriminately. In the eyes of men, so hard for a home. But can not be recognized and understood. Of course, it does not rule out that women outside marriage use very means to let men remember.

For example, in order to get money and more, at all costs, to meet the various requirements of men. A woman outside of marriage can care about nothing, as long as she can coax a man to be happy, and finally a man will obey. So whether it's really understanding men, or just lying to men. Women outside of marriage, they all give off the appearance of caring and caring. Let the man in a trance between, feel met a friend, met a person who understands himself.

Sudden lack of security of two people, in order to complain about heating. It has reached the comfort, the extreme emptiness of the spiritual level not so much that men and women outside marriage. It's about love, coming together. It's more like the dopamine ramps up. Two people with the same smell are attracted to each other. People who are insecure. It's like walking around in a blur. With no direction, no hope. To stay alive, to find their sense of belonging. So in the vast sea of people, eager to find, that can huddle warm. Spend together, wish this life. There are only two levels of spiritual emptiness. Two people with nothing to do and no morals. Only the shell can, attracted to each other. Their union was only for the purpose of finding outside help. Find the one who matches your soul.

To ward off the loneliness and loneliness of the soul. When a man, for work and life, all kinds of troubles and pressures. In the wife, there is no release or understanding. But outside the woman, but can see the man's weakness. So take the initiative, let the man close to themselves, establish attachment relationship. And that intimacy is the kind of emotional bond that couples desperately lack. It is also a couple's feelings, want to maintain lasting, the most should be established. But sadly, most couples. Still stuck in the shallow, cohabitation state. Also don't want to bother, to work hard, hard to get the feelings. And because of that, it's an opportunity for outsiders! This is the first time I've heard of it. I thought all men were like me, spending their whole lives with one woman. Although I haven't found that person yet. The topic of derailment is so valuable to study, out is out, wrong is wrong, don't pull, first of all have to meet to have the opportunity, have the strength to support to find a woman willing to cooperate with your performance. Can not give up because of greed, human desire is endless. And a woman who can take full care of a man. It has nothing to do with inconsideration. The ability to hold on to oneself is a matter of inner principle rather than a matter of original fit. Can be another but not the reason for cheating. That would make you the client