Let's talk about my situation first, an old ugly poor one, divorced in 2019, 2 daughters, and then met her in 20 years, 16 years younger than me, unmarried girl talked for 2 years, and then she is really in love brain can not get married, and now she has a little girl, three and eight months old!

Who knows when the days go by! Awesome, I sent my friend @fifty two to see, I let him go to the school to find out, his girlfriend is still in the sophomore year, summer vacation from wechat congratulations first can meet. Pretty forced feeling, huh? Is that too small to kill? Would you rather your daughters find someone 16 years older? You're too conservative. My girlfriend is still in kindergarten. Congratulations! The winner of life do not show off, there are mountains outside the mountain, I take the initiative to my girlfriend who is 24 years old