Work touch fish to tease my mother-in-law, Wuhan mother-in-law, work audit, professional relationship leads to her really every ounce, plus I am not very much degree (I was ground really no temper), so there are often contradictions. First of all, let's introduce the composition of my home: Our husband and wife have a total of 2 children, the oldest is 7 years old, the first grade, the youngest is 5 and a half years old, middle class, 2 children from 0 to 6 years old are taken by my parents, after the New Year this year, I give my parents a holiday, go back to my hometown to decorate the old house, so this February, replaced by my mother-in-law and mother-in-law, for this matter, my wife and I quarrel and divorce, she said that her mother is poor, No energy belt (surgery has been recovered for more than 1 year), but now it seems that her statement is not valid, her mother's body has recovered well, and "unlimited energy". My wife does not cook, so I cook at home, my wife studies, do not interfere, because the concept of learning is not the same, so I meddle in learning, will quarrel. My wife is in charge of learning, and basically will not teach themselves, is to report a variety of classes to buy a variety of online courses, let the teacher and tablet computer to help her teach, she is only responsible for the class schedule, and then direct me to take my baby everywhere to class. Things are too trivial, just take a few things. 1, breakfast there is no breakfast shop near our home, so 2 children go to school are I get up to do breakfast, I still like food, like to change, in order to save trouble, I often buy the kind of frozen noodles semi-finished, steamed bread, rolls, cake, all kinds of steamed buns, etc., get up and steam can eat, and then boil a few eggs, sometimes under noodles, sometimes do some porridge, I think it is very normal, but my mother-in-law does not think, she will not do, I do she and dislike, I do not know what, anyway, often take the bread bought the first day to come, in front of me, feed the baby to eat, the mouth is always chewing what "light eat steamed bread no nutrition ah, light drink porridge no nutrition ah." Once or twice. Every time. 2, double standard my mother-in-law will occasionally buy food, can only be occasionally in a good mood, she will say a word after buying food: I buy tomatoes are the best tomatoes, I buy chicken is the best local chicken. And then she hated all the stuff I bought, the chicken nuggets I bought at Hema for cooking, the foreign chickens I bought, raised on hormones.

The most funny thing is that she will also buy the brine, every time she buys the brine such as what cold memory beef, come back to feed my baby with a strong, also said that I bought the cold memory beef is the best beef, so that after I went to buy the brine, such as what golden boy, purple Yan Baiwei chicken, box horse roast duck and so on, will be rejected by him. It really annoys me after a long time. 3, commander my mother-in-law at home mainly only do one thing, is to wash clothes to dry clothes (mainly baby clothes), and no washing machine, every day said hand wash clean, obviously there is a washing machine, must use the hand, our family has a special children's washing machine, and the children's clothes change every day, put the washing machine to wash time and effort, do not know why she insisted on hand washing, My wife argued with her a lot about it. My mother-in-law only washes clothes, and then she makes me do the drying. I don't know why. Plus, she likes to meddle in my cooking, which she can't do herself, and when I'm cooking, I'm chewing and chewing outside the kitchen, which is worse than a choker spell. And her health creed is no condiments, just "original", I put condiments will be eaten by her. There are a lot of it, too lazy to write, write out just ridicule her, the reality is not have to tolerate each other, wait for a period of time, my parents came, immediately let her go home, it is really annoying personal death. My mother-in-law is a little bossy. Also gave birth to two children, your daughter-in-law dare not leave the drop, she is to frighten you… The old man's mindset for decades, there is no way to change, my mother-in-law used to wash a large pot of clothes by hand every day, the washing machine is not used, it is said that the hand wash is clean, and every time the wash is finished, it is also complained that it is tired ah waist pain, and now I am old, I can't wash it, no longer say that the hand wash is clean. Well, my mother-in-law is like this, washing clothes and hanging on for a long time, Do a thing to say out of the table this is still a bit of a contradiction because your status in the home is not high ah, high words will not be so, too much will let them more and more to do it is not you now teach you to do nothing can only stay away from otherwise it will turn against people to re-establish their own people set. If it is only a few months, bear it, if you have been living here, either you die or she dies sooner or later the baby is taught to waste the update 4, with the baby the elderly more dote on the child I certainly know, but like my mother-in-law, I really do not know how much.

To name a few honorable examples:

(1) Give the child expired beans, red beans and mung beans, and then put them in the basin, give the child a spoon, and then let them dig up and throw everywhere, make my father-in-law crazy. PS, I have a ton of toys.

(2) Let the child play with noodles, when the plasticine, the key is still playing on the bed, and the water, the child's control ability you know. PS, I have a lot of colored mud in my house.

(3) Poo in bed, this is the most difficult for me to accept, although it is winter, but the bedroom to the toilet is not far away, my mother-in-law insisted on buying a spittoon, and then put it on the bed to let the baby poop.

(4) Pooping in the living room on a hot day, and that spittoon, she insisted that the children sit on the spittoon in the living room to poop, I really don't know what to say. There are many, many more. It's so weird I think. But these behaviors happened after we brought the baby to her house, so I can't help it, after all, I can't control other people's homes. 5 Love clean My mother-in-law every day love clean hanging on the mouth, and then the home is a mess, socks and underwear everywhere, especially the socks, anywhere will have, go to her house to sit where there is no. Now to our home, fortunately we are 2 houses next to each other, she lives in a set, usually help baby wash clothes, get a pick up, so or the house made a mess. She doesn't know how to clean the house. The most ridiculous is that she claims that she loves to be clean every day, and when she eats a clean bowl just out of the dishwasher, she must take boiling water to scalding it, and then she says that I love clean, I take boiling water to scalding you and so on, and she hates the bowls and chopsticks I have used, including those used by my parents. Our family's dishes must not be washed with the baby's, yes, washing can not be washed together, so we two dishwashers, one washing adults, one washing children, washing adults can not wash the adult's bowl with her bowl. I don't know where the neat freak comes from.

In addition, there is another thing, when I just went to my mother-in-law's house, their house is full of cockroaches, the cutting board is full of white insects crawling everywhere, super disgusting, so, my mother-in-law also insisted on using the board, said what logs, really do not know how this double label came. Haha, I feel better when I throw up, but how do you solve the problem? Weird and wonderful my ex-wife and her mother, the snacks they eat at night are not cleaned up, just placed on the coffee table. The family of three could continue eating the next day. The key is that there are cockroaches in the home, completely can not understand the living habits of these people how your economy is like your mother-in-law's family so show the feeling of superiority is probably the owner's income and family status is not high, just guess you this is not easy, men have been good, there are people picky you, you can also look at the mother-in-law's model, that is, picky people, who is her son-in-law, This is also the case, inner inferiority, too much hope for the recognition of others, you are stuck in the child's things, she is deeply loved behind the child, worried about the child's nutrition, health, the solution is to let her do it, of course, but also need wisdom, let her realize that behind you is not easy to feel a little like my mother-in-law, but my mother-in-law is not my face. At home, what dish soap, soy sauce, vinegar and so on despise the cheap ones I buy, she must go to the supermarket to buy the most expensive ones of the same kind and replace them with me, which I can understand. I bought eggs she is absolutely disgusted, must go to buy the most expensive eggs, this I really do not understand, I also buy native eggs, nutritional value is not the same.