Went to the night market, went a little late, out of the subway almost eight o 'clock. I bought two T-shirts and a doll, and then I wanted to buy some clothes for my elder sister. Last year, they were all too small. I picked clothes at a stall. My elder sister was more choosy about clothes, and the choice was not good. I put the clothes in my hands back on the shelf, go back, don't buy. Here the little sister selling clothes immediately came to laugh, I can't bear to, and chose a black and a white, the husband came to say buy an orange, I do not know what to choose, he picked a few orange, my husband went to sweep the code to pay, but I have not decided to three or two, see him sweep the code in the heart is very upset, I said wait a minute, wait a minute, he is very impatient, Said time is not enough, to go back to take a bath, tomorrow acriz to go to school what kind of what kind, has been talking about and then pay to go back, walked a hundred meters, I feel uncomfortable, is suddenly feel very wronged, Jianghan Road so many people come and go, only I am not happy, buy a dress was urged, my tears fell down, I said I am not comfortable, you go first, he immediately hair, Say how you feel uncomfortable, I said the heart is uncomfortable, he said what kind of uncomfortable, I did not say you what, and did not scold you! These words are shouted said, passers-by can not stand to see, said not in front of the child quarrel, say well. Then he took the child to go, I found a quiet place to sit down, only to find that my body like exhaustion, sit for an hour or so, calm down, a person home, home they all sleep, wash their faces, go to the sofa to sleep, he came out again pretense, let me go to the room to sleep. Funny, when you left me alone, did you ever think I would sleep peacefully again?! And then he starts telling me off, in front of the kids, telling me things all over again, and proving himself right, and I'm tired of talking.

If, and I mean if, when I don't know how to choose, he waited for me for five minutes, or helped me make a decision and then paid me, instead of standing on the opposite side of me and pushing me, maybe I would have fallen asleep and looked at the record, the last time I was angry and couldn't sleep in the middle of the night was last month, it was because I was too optimistic, it was because I didn't remember long enough to forget the past, Always think the day is good. It turns out that others have more important things to do, and you are the one who can be discarded in the sea of people at any time. You are not optimistic, you just do… All the choices in the world are difficult, basically from the lack of funds, so poor couples are sad, for trifles quarrel. Money is not necessarily happy, but at least happy. I can tell from your description that you're emotionally unstable. It's not a big deal. Don't think about it. Men are straight tempered. Just don't take them seriously. If you are too much, you can endure a hundred times, and you can pretend to endure a thousand times and never want to be your husband. No solution, unless I can be a worm in your stomach. I used to be like that, but I look back and I think I went too far. Look at it another way and it's really nothing. Say others have a glass heart, in fact, they are also. Think about it today really no big deal, thank you for waking me up a few tens of dollars of clothes what can be tangled, there is no need to embarrass yourself and others hard to get money, don't be too disturbed by your husband, love a person will care about his attitude to you, in order to hurt you, you put yourself as the most important, work hard to get money, raise your little baby, The other is not important is really a little bit for me personally quite annoying you this "as a woman", met, decisively broke contact, it is unbearable. A little thing to cry, a little thing to feel the whole world is sorry for her, a little thing to feel only their grievances. Too emotional. I'm afraid I'll get depressed after a long time. The man who did not meet you as a baby is actually still to see mutual understanding and humility people will suffer a lot of grievances in this life. However, some people have enough tolerance and judgment for grievances, and even grievances will be rational. But some people can't, as long as they feel wronged, it is a catastrophe of thought. It is also a sign of insufficient emotional intelligence. It's hard to think life is good. How many big things? Little girls like these things, your mood is also to be improved, your husband is still good! I don't, Sister Lee. Didn't you tell her to go first? Why did someone leave you on the side of the road again? Too much is not good for others is not good for themselves will there be such a possibility, he waits for you for five minutes, you still can't decide. Or he could help you decide which one to choose. I went back and it was all his, you know? Feel LZ husband is still good temper, LZ is a little sensitive, or a lot of mutual understanding of dozens of things but also the heart set, really tired ah! Women have a low mood cycle, a quarrel is comfortable to let him roll over. Pick out a fucking outfit. Isn't the night market hot? There are so many people, and the only thing you can buy is socks.
I don't know what you need to have a private space for two people to be alone, to patch up the feelings between two people. Even if it's just a movie, two people at a time going to breakfast. To elevate your relationship a little bit. Ex-girlfriend is like this, often inexplicable sulk, ask her what is wrong also do not say, get cold violence, I am not your stomach roundworm, where know your heart is like to think? Therefore, are already a couple, timely communication and honest treatment is very important do not love a person too much, do not take him seriously, do not expect too much of him, the man's money to you, man. It doesn't matter. Isn't it nice to have kids with hot food and hot drinks? … Your personality is suitable for the so-called dog licking man who is now popular, that is, you are wrong and right, everything is with you, and the licking is over. +1 In fact, nothing has happened. Your husband should board you 侉子 you pay for it yourself! What's there to cry about! Shake Yin brush more ordinary couples are like this, you have not met to buy sanitary napkins are going to scold you to buy more from wechat your heart wants to find a lover he has swept the code and what optional, three pieces are finished to buy ah, the husband is thinking about the plan, you are entangled in clothes. Selfish men are like this, something out of the table is not only happened once, there will be more times. You have a steady job, you don't have to worry about the family.