Is not people always unbalanced, get some will lose some, I feel reading reading is very simple, a look to understand the meaning, then reading memory is super good, a book to read down, remember seven, eight, eight, really, reading I am not afraid, even if I have not read, but review the book, most of them can pass the exam, may be all my talent for the rest of my life lit up in reading, Now this 20 years to stay up late, insomnia every night, forgetfulness is particularly outrageous practice car and swimming, and dancing, I feel difficult to learn the car is not good, swimming balance is not good, dancing coordination is not good, reported, learned, also learn the car to get a driver's license, the rest did not learn to learn the car I feel section one and section four simple, section three our coach also want me to review the information first, Brain over the driving process, practice for three and a half days, this is also simple [facepalm crying], but subject two is always afraid of [facepalm crying], I am not divided, every time with a watch about, the car is not good, obviously I took the manual transmission c1, I still dare not open automatic C2In 2017, I have driven a dozen times, but also dare to go on the road, a person on the viaduct, later did not open, and dare not, Last year I practiced for 2 hours, this year I practiced for a few hours, and yesterday I invited a partner to practice for a few hours, the whole way I went on the road, but the partner asked me to report the package, or not to give me side parking and reverse parking [face crying] or timid, or I learned to reverse parking and side parking will not dare to drive, recently practiced several times, Still no one asked me to side park and reverse into the garage, and I dare not say a word: why should I stay up late? Now start to change easy ~ I have learned. Never hire a coach. Teach yourself enough. There's a back-up video. I don't need more than one. The car behind you wait with me! The more I honk, the slower I get! (Save the money for the coach to buy delicious fun and fun) Please once private coach, he directly put my car thunder! Not as good as me. The only small accident is the private coach!!! I transferred him money! He didn't want it, but he took it the next day. Drive yourself slowly, how hard can it be! ? Overcome the fear of the old good, believe that you are Z-stick drop! Girl, you need to consult a psychologist, you may be caused by anxiety disorder, nervous, insomnia… If you don't like cars so much, why don't we just call it a day? For the safety of yourself and everyone, there is no old driver friend who can drive? Yes, do not like to trouble others, my second brother is very busy, my eldest brother and sister-in-law to take the second child, can not sleep, eat stability is useless, so eat to the end of no effect, do not eat strong, I can not, take the driver's license for 7 years, side parking and reverse into the library also in 2015 exam two practice, the second test did not practice side parking. May have practiced in 2017, do not remember, only remember to practice reversing into the warehouse 360 do not worry too much. Uncoordinated, nothing. I can't even ride a bike. If you're not fit to drive, don't drive. Everyone has their own skills to light up, there is no need for balanced development, highlight personal highlights, to brag about their strengths on the line. The most important is to solve your psychological factors caused by sleep problems. Long-term lack of sleep, the impact is great. I can still ride a bike. It's not that bad