Nie Er Music Square, is performing drone composition of a variety of patterns, Shenzhen has not been so busy for a long time, you come to see? ↓¤Look at the ↓¤passing ↓¤Yes, I watched it at the scene. ↓¤Close at hand
Sugar ginger: the ancestors left good things, often eat cold warm stomach, heat and refreshing, as the saying goes: "eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer, do not find a doctor to prescribe", so summer to eat ginger is still very good for the body, not only cold warm stomach, but also can reduce heat perspiration refreshing, simple and delicious, but also a small snack to satisfy cravings. 500 grams of ginger, 250 grams of rock sugar. Method: 1 First clean and dry the ginger, cut it into slices, add rock sugar and marinate it for one night. 2 Melt the marinated rock sugar, pour it into a pot over medium heat and cook until dense bubbles bubble. Turn off the heat and continue to stir until the sand is turned. PS: If it is made with old ginger, peel and slice it, soak it twice, and change the water once in the middle. Remove the pungency. ↓¤Looking good ↓¤Tiktok remind me that I am a disabled person, did not expect Gaogu building is the same ↓¤Eat ginger, anti-convex top ↓¤fierce