I can't think of a single person's life, the last road is very difficult to go, lonely, sometimes feel that is enjoying loneliness, sometimes feel lonely so that people collapse! Lonely special want to have a word with food with, but the companion is not a commodity, find yourself like to buy, are strangers on the way, guess not through the heart, do not know the character!
Find as many things to do as possible, keep yourself busy, fill up your free time, and forget that you are alone.
In fact, that's what I do, busy every day, pretend to be very full, but still have to face the reality of loneliness! Because you are busy, most of the time you can deceive yourself and feel better, and occasionally reality makes people extremely upset!
Go to the park, make friends. I saw in the Shanghai park, many aunts and uncles gathered together, singing, eating breakfast in the morning, singing all morning, to lunch, take a rest, and come again in the afternoon.

People are social animals, lonely for a long time, is very uncomfortable.
I can particularly understand you, sometimes, looking at others' lively, more and more feel lonely. Cry when you feel like it, and release yourself appropriately. We are ordinary people, all have seven feelings and six desires, are emotional animals. Don't hold back when you want to express your feelings. People who love you must also want to see you happy and happy. No matter where she/he is.
I've been single for over a decade and I've never felt lonely.
In fact, in the Internet era, contact is everywhere, and absolute loneliness no longer exists.
People should have some interests, such as reading 2 hours a day, waiting on flowers and plants in a small garden, maybe I have not realized the loneliness, but enjoy the leisure of a person at home. When the mind is quiet, the man is not lonely
I am OK now, there is work, there is life pressure, life is still full, will worry, after 60 years old, can not work, how to live, has been concerned about the group pension, can meet a few like-minded fellow passers-by, is also a blessing.
How to survive loneliness, everyone is different, some people are particularly big heart, and even feel lonely. Some people are born to be a piece of ice, such as Capricorn, and loneliness is not defined in their dictionary.
I really like Robinson Crusoe, and I watched it a few times, the novel and the movie, and I was thinking what would I do if I was stranded on an island? Robinson was so devoted to his god that he read the Bible to eliminate loneliness, perhaps he should have brought the Tao.
To say the most lonely I think is Sun Wukong and the star libertines, the whole journey to the West is monkey abuse, consciousness in the stone, but countless years before jumping out, before jumping a few years and was suppressed in the Wuzhi Mountain, five hundred years ah, there is no let loose no visit, the prison space a monkey body, really lonely enough, after meeting a monk without a hand, and was tricked into wearing the magic spell, Bad.
Interstellar prodigal son, the extinction of the population, into the chip drifting in the universe for countless years before resurrection, know the alien friends but one after another group was destroyed. Even if you live forever, even if you survive the cosmic explosion, you are doomed to a lonely life.
However, Sun Wukong, the star prodigal son did not feel lonely, because they are very powerful, highly skilled.
Generally speaking, strong people are not easy to feel lonely. People with a strong heart are also more resistant.
Circumstances can not be changed, friends will be gone. Regular self-controlled life, persistent physical exercise, daily spiritual practice, you can also keep a dog, dog loyalty and vitality bring fun, is a good partner in life. The dog gets old and then raises its puppies, as long as the blood is pure, there is no difference with a dog, this is the magic of life. If you are rich and like lively, you can also build a manor, set up a nursing home, a nursing home, only accept people you like, money can be so capricious.
What a talent!
Do something that interests you and stick to it.

I never felt lonely. Imperceptibly left has been six years (in fact, he took the baby has been 10 years), every day in addition to work and take the baby, spare time to write some words and drawings to read a few books, turn over the mobile phone brush under the news, a person's life practical and comfortable.
Loneliness made me learn to grow vegetables, and I enjoy it every day
I grew so much, I couldn't eat it all.
Eat only vegetables every day can skip meals.
Give you a thumbs up!
I agree. I think the loneliness is mostly spiritual.
Even if you can find a partner, it is not a spiritual connection.
Besides, as I get older and older, my mood and thoughts are also gradually changing, and some friends are different, and will gradually drift away, how many people can really understand themselves? So the older you get, the lonelier you get.
Are halfway strangers, good to know, do not rely on guess, to rely on sincerity;

There are times when you are lonely. The most lonely time I have a tape to listen to at least 100 times, playing all night, a doctor on how to think positively also do not know how to listen to a few words; Sometimes I also listen to light music and soothing music (healing), and occasionally invite 3 or 2 friends

Of course, when you really feel lonely, even the best friend is powerless, your loneliness can not tolerate other scenery

Today, I saw a man say that he invited a friend or two to drink together, mill ink, and began to write for several hours, east a word west a word, until dawn - the next day to find out which words were written last night. This man is now nearly 70 years old and has never married in his life; This is Alex. haha
Hahaha ^_^
Uncle Alex, a man with a story.
You can join a hobby group, climb a mountain, play ball. Learning Buddhism is also possible.
Yeah, a lot of people get delayed by the Internet.