Dear left, it's another snowy night, remember that snowy night when we drove back from Linshan to Yuyao together? Snowflakes are flying, so beautiful, I wish the time had stayed on that day. Dear, I have been paying attention to your post recently, I want to say, dear, live our life together, okay? Let those worldly things go. There are too many helpless and too many choices on the road of life, but the only one we can choose ourselves, although a little lacking in some aspects, but my ideas you understand. Every day, youth is interpreting our story, even if it fails, at least each other's youth memories, dear, in fact, I have nothing good, thank you so look up to me, I will work hard, although now even their own do not live themselves, but for our future, I hope you give me a child, even if male or female worth mentioning, I'll give her the best education, the prettiest clothes, and I'll try, my dear. I know you are a good girl, also I know cherish a good girl, for the future, for each other, too many words can express what? Let's do it… Youth, we work hard for each other, while young, play a piece of Jiangshan, old we have to rely on! What's going on with you two. Too dizzy. When I saw this ID, I thought of this LEFT left left, right, how good to go… As crooked said, in the snow without an umbrella drop walking, so you can white head. Walking in the snow does not drop, so you can grow… Linden, I remember this one. What's your situation with this….. That….. Give your blessing… No matter what the future is like, I hope you can all be happy to go on. I think it's great. That's how we're gonna walk… Walking without an umbrella in the snow, so that you can white head. It's so classic. Wow… I envy you so oh, big left hand holding a small right hand, think about it is very warm. Bless you oh, come on, you will be happy wish, happy bless you to be happy oh bless you! ~ In the snow without an umbrella drop walking, so you can white head. Classic ~@!! Happy couple, bless you Wah wah, good sweet ah, envy other people's feelings of the road is always bumpy, to use firm love, like a roller, to create a flat road. You want pleasure for the emptiness, the loneliness, the itch! You are for the apple flash marriage is not good, Lou calm down…… Wow… LZ is getting married… Not a few days ago there is a love of the dead and alive people to give parents an account, do not have to bet on their own lifetime of happiness I am also a flash marriage, but I lived very happy. Marriage has nothing to do with the length of time you know, as long as you feel that the person is worth it, the office agreed that the brain is a ~ flash people ~ hurt 2 people we are serious, the letter, lost… LZ is just playing with himself… If not, for their parents or for their own age. LZ should think carefully about getting married………… Not feeling so good…… Is the right side so attractive? I really don't think I understand Twinkle