After lunch yesterday, hundred boring nai. Children do grievance, displeasure: not fun. So proposed, then go to the Zhongshan warship side for a walk, happy to go. A few minutes' drive, lightning arrives. Intermittent thunderstorms, when overwhelming, sometimes drizzle, how many affected the people who play, looking far away, few people. Gate door scan code, in a hurry for a few seconds, but also very fast, no tickets. On both sides of the road leading from the door to the exhibition hall, the waves were slight, and they seemed to be in a trance as if they were in a vast sea. In the distance, a group of small red creatures slowly from far and near, happy, the original is the visitors threw food, attracted the koi in the water, a large piece of red, very pleasing. Continue to walk while taking pictures, moving forward, soon arrived at the exhibition hall, the door from time to time people stopped to take photos. After several years of absence, the pavilion has been restored to look like a real scenic spot, with all kinds of equipment very human. The best view of the photo, was selected to play for a family of four to take a group photo, see them happy to appreciate the photo, a kind of roses, hands have lingering fragrance feeling. The child and I walked around, I used the remaining little historical knowledge to answer her 100,000 why, tell her the story that once happened here… Out of the exhibition hall, it was drizzling outside again, walking in the empty world, breathing the green air around, I thought of the artistic conception of an ancient poem: After the new rain in the empty mountains, the weather came late autumn. Walking forward with an umbrella, I came across several spirited green equipment, and of course, a new small plane, which was one of the bright eyes. There is a special guard on the side, perhaps afraid of children naughty break into the destruction of this solemn. Write them down and hurry away. Continue to walk in the rain, past a large field of lotus leaves, fragrant lotus. At this time, the weather is also beautiful, and slowly stopped the drizzle. A winding wooden bridge has been specially built in the center of the lake, so there is a chance to get close to the lotus fairy. Between photos, the drops of water on the lotus leaves were sitting on the slide playfully, and you chased me down into the lotus pond one after another. The child was amused with a happy smile, and the smiling face was like the blooming flowers. All of a sudden, dark clouds gathered, and another heavy rain was about to come. In a hurry, I strode to run under several big trees, and what I saw was the red and green fruits all over the ground. Looking up, it turned out to be a jujube tree and another jujube tree under Lu Xun's pen… Small groups covered half the hill. Hurriedly picked up a handful, the child saw giggles, but also secretly took pictures of the mother picking up dates. I said with a smile, purely for photos, do not eat do not eat, mother and daughter's laughter echoed in a quiet corner. Wandering after the rain, with you to pick up this scattered little happiness… Where to navigate the Zhongshan warship Memorial Hall, Jinkou Street, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City, on the side of the Yangtze River hundreds of boring nai. Children do grievance, displeasure: not fun. So proposed, then go to the Zhongshan warship side for a walk, happy to go. ========= This kid is so gullible… I grew up hating museums. I grew up knowing they were the most boring places… There is a joke: the place where men and women first date is in the museum, and then in exchange for women's 3 words: inappropriate… Haha, my child accompanied me to the museum, listen to my story, she is very interested, because the history class will soon learn modern history, in advance. There are not only museums here, but also good natural scenery and amusement spots that she is interested in, which is better than staying at a relative's house to play with a mobile phone. Of course, the date should be somewhere a little more romantic. You can really write well, just like some people like to eat, personal hobbies, pass the time on the way from work, there is no bad bar, generally play tired and come back too lazy to move, but the essay writing can also be recalled after reading memories you may not really have me big. Too elegant and spicy… I would take him to museums and he would tell me stories: historical, astronomical, scientific… You are average, I am in class two, we are not the same class then next time a rude this he knows so much, like reading? Super love. amp; Come here. amp; Having my brother tell your sister a story is only part of the story. This brother is really warm, good training, later is a set of knowledge and wisdom in a small warm man a warm man…… Straight man I love! Only warm to me. Before he grows up, it's 100% hemp. It's not! He gave the reward to other girls to say that others are full of: straight men are not "straight" directly and ruthlessly reject me to say "no" So the behavior of children also shows that there is no real straight men, only willing or not willing, right? Play with me smiley: Maybe! I love straight men must ruthlessly reject me well, my brain circuit can not keep up with your jumping thinking, ha ha, happy you are right. That's what I mean. Why don't you eat dates? It looks good. It's perfect for simmering in chicken broth… After the rain fell on the ground a large piece of mature dates, I picked up a few on the ground to respond to the scene, the baby laughed at me on the ground to pick up something to eat. If it is not in the rain, it should be able to find some intact dates without damage, but the weather is not beautiful. There are many pomegranate trees in the park, if it is the harvest season, it should be more spectacular. I do not like to eat red dates, especially the red dates in the simmering soup is me, I will pick a lotus seed, outdoor walk, the doll prefers a little, like a walk, I like the fruit I have eaten at present, the next time there is not like the trouble of jujube what direct airdrop to me every day there are "straight men" drop stories. Simple and easy to cheat. In fact, lotus is more attractive to me than lotus seed, scenic lotus seed can only be far away can not pick Oh good, I take you, you hold the pocket, we go to pick up dates hey hey, I was on the road a few days ago to pick up plums, I also ate good crisp sweet. If I didn't have a baby around to pat me, I would definitely try it, haha. The jujube all over the ground, just like the scene of picking up money in the dream I am Jiang Xiatie, welcome to Jinkou visit Zhongshan warship, memory of revolutionary martyrs. By the way, taste the power of Jinkou's fish and garden network! Not only fish and garden, there are many delicious food, full of childhood memories! Yes, welcome to play, and that opposite the beach bank, I have not found the way to go in, go back to look again
cherry_blossom: At least write a few words of sand, or else the other will understand your column… Write something, see the beauty on the line ah, write your mood like flowers in the heart, others through a few words can initially understand that you are an optimistic, cheerful, good heart of the woman sand… Understand the people do not need words, ha ha ha today the weather is fine, everywhere good scenery, good scenery of the world in April Fangfei, mountain temple peach blossom, long hate spring to find no place, I do not know into this!