Some time ago, I published online dating posts, many of which met a lot of friends worthy of communication, and more often encouraged. Thank you all for your encouragement. I will try to continue to refueling, so that I can be more excellent. Not found, though. Thank you for your support. Thank you very much! Original title: Come on sentiment!! →◎← Come on, if you are in full bloom, the breeze comes →◎← Online some time ago, there are friends successfully married
This week, Zhuzhou received cooling rain, the temperature is like a roller coaster
Sometimes, the season change can be a long process, let people wait impatiently. But sometimes the weather changes as if overnight, suddenly it's hot, or suddenly it's cold. For example, this week, you will experience the sudden hot and sudden cold of the season, when it is hot, it is like returning to early autumn, and when it is cold, it will not hesitate to bring the city from the warm late autumn, into the cold days. Guangzhou will see two cold air waves this week, the first of which will start today with a maximum temperature of 23℃ under showery weather, the municipal meteorological Observatory said. And this chill is just the beginning, with a maximum of 30 ° C on Wednesday before a second wave of cold air moves in. However, from the beginning of this night, with the gradual approach of another cold air, cloudy to light rain, the temperature began to fall again, until this week, the maximum temperature of the entire city is only 17-18 ° C. In other words, in the next two days, we are just in the gap between the influence of two cold air, and the weather will warm up briefly. Everyone may wish to take advantage of the sunny weather, and quickly take out the thick winter clothes and thick quilts to sun, and make some preparations for the cold air that will follow. In the last days of autumn and the warm sunshine, I wish you all a good mood for a week. Today's weather: showers, 16-23 ° C Tomorrow's weather: showers turn cloudy, 18-26 ° C The day after tomorrow weather: cloudy, 21-30 ° C →◎← Good fear, I heard that this winter ice age freezing people not only cold →◎← There are more than ten degrees here, some places dozens of degrees below zero and people survive. Afraid of an egg. →◎← One day experience the four seasons →◎← The distance from summer to winter in Guangzhou is only one week! Just get used to it. →◎← The cold, this is not what the early winter should look like →◎← Finally a little winter look →◎← This year is good, finally feel the spring and autumn two seasons, before is only winter and summer without spring and autumn →◎← Mosquitoes the most year