Thank you, speed dating, for keeping my account.
He is no longer the age to find a wife, have the time, have the mood, and want to write out his experience for many years, perhaps who can have a little vigilance. Don't worry. Take your time.
Thank you, speed dating, for keeping my account.
Miss old friends, welcome new friends. Have the time, have the mood to say the New Year hope.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Auntie happy New Year!
Look forward to your story.
Look forward to
Auntie happy New Year!
Look forward to your story.
Happy New Year!
I've got the wine ready, waiting for your story, ha!
Happy Year of the Ox!

Happy New Year! I was wondering whether or not to find a hesitation, very bold to ask, you are 70 years old still looking for marriage? I've read so much online about my disappointment in marriage that I want to stop looking for it when I'm 50. Afraid of no love, only to see the pain of old age, just like I am afraid of going to a nursing home if I am old.
First wish the big sister of the floor, everything comes true, all the best Ha.
Ha ha, I have the same question.
If I still have the desire to find love at 70, I don't have to worry now, and I have decades to find it slowly.
Maybe we can imagine it. When we were teenagers, we thought that 50-year-olds must be out of the mood for dating.
Orchid elder sister on the second floor has said very clearly, for a long time did not come, now just want to write their own mood story here.

Why do you ask?
Happy New Year! May every friend here find his or her soul mate. Feel 70 years old can type and surf the Internet, or very good oh?
Some people are still young at 70. Some people are old at 40. Physiological age is not important, the key mentality is better! Experienced people are themselves a book, casually open is a story.
Marriage has nothing to do with age. As long as we exist, we have the right to pursue happiness.
Goals, beliefs, hopes……
Am I wrong? Why did you kick me??
Who kicked you? (@ _ @)
I'm sorry, I don't think so. I'm confused. It's a rare opportunity to ask my big sister for advice, so I did take the liberty.
I think the big sister out to open the post is also in good faith to help everyone.
We are still looking, in fact, afraid of old age alone, so I would like to know whether it is better to be old alone or to have a person to look after each other. I want my big sister to come out and talk about her feelings.
A comparison of everyone's speeches, I know that I am low in emotional intelligence or straight. Sister, I am a little abrupt, sorry, thank you for coming to tell everyone experience. I'm sitting on a little bench. Perhaps your speech will reduce my anxiety about the future. I am looking forward to it.
I wish you all the best in the Year of the Ox! Good luck!