Seeing this post, does it feel contradictory? Yeah, I think so myself.
Well, people have to feel good about themselves sometimes. I remember when I was working, although I was a team, I didn't think there was anything bad, and I thought I could change everything. Yes, on my own, a little girl from the countryside, with my own efforts, I can make my teaching comparable to the teachers around me who graduated from college or normal school, I can get municipal awards for my papers, I can make my teaching plans appear on the national teaching staff, I can make my teaching appear on the university level, county level, and even municipal pulpits, but my marriage fails. Who is right and who is wrong, I don't want to comment, I just want to say that I am serious about life. The failure of marriage can not be said to have nothing to do with the general climate of the country at that time.

But I have been looking forward to a good marriage, no good marriage, not a good life, I look forward to. But some people, some things, are not transferred according to people's will, of course, there are my own reasons, perhaps the pursuit of things that do not change the pursuit. Sometimes do not want to wronged themselves. In this way, year after year, wasted years, wear down the face. It crushed the heart. Thanks to the speed dating network, I can come here from time to time to browse, here, as if on behalf of a glimmer of vain hope, of course, I know it is futile. Overconfidence, always think that someone should love! Heheh. It backfired. I know I have no chance, really old! Is this a sign of resignation? Yup! Admit it! I really understand, gain my luck, lose my life!
Speaking of this is not very sad! Therefore, the heart in tears!
Although bitter, I am also grateful, life some people, some things, vividly, although far away, but I will still feel, those people have given me help, encourage, I am still grateful!
Today is the third day, a person can shed tears, can be grateful, can have this platform to let me confide, as I simulated that person love it! So I am also enjoying the tears, gratitude of the heart of the road.
I have no words to console you, but if you can, put us together.
Actually, I thought about it. Self-service pension, a variety of talent gathering. Pleasure, leisure, art. Easier said than done.
I have some things I have to do lately. Leisurely down, I look forward to this can do it down, that is our life is literary, health, health, comfortable, peaceful……
Everyone, read my post, I believe you will also have some understanding?
Even if you have a happy marriage, there will be troubles, such as: there may be a change of heart to have an affair later, because of love and hate; Or will eventually be separated by life and death. And because of its happiness, it is more hope that it can be permanently owned, permanently relied on, when it is destroyed and lost, it will be more painful for people to suffer.
May you have so much power, so much honor, happiness, art, health, peace… You are the best!
Single on the road is not a person walking, which more than 90% of people, will go on this road until the old. A lot of people. A lot of people.
Divorced people, is not understand the true meaning of marriage; Older unmarried people, too, do not know the true meaning of marriage. A small number of people figure it out later and get married. The vast majority of people will go down this road to the black.
What do men need? It's not how rich the woman is, how capable she is, but how easy it is to get along. If you no longer want to have children, even IQ does not value, stupid point is better.
I believe that among the divorced women in this forum, there are a lot of rich people, more capable people, and the smart may account for 99.99%, but the people who get along happily and easily are rare.
The willfulness of youth, the strength of middle age, and the desire of old age, most people come in this way, or are walking in this way.
What you're saying, it's true, but everyone's expecting it, and it goes on, doesn't it? Besides, it's up to you to take it or leave it. Although it is not expected, but always face your heart. When you're old, what can't you say? Birds and animals will choose a mate, why can't we pursue, the social environment, let us want and not, does not mean that we can not pursue, does not mean that we can not miss. Of course, under the helpless, we also have to go along with it, that is the last resort. Don't you think so?
I'm sorry. I just wanted to show you how much I was giving. Without the basic luxury of a home in return. Honor, status, it doesn't really matter. I love my family. As for the honor, it's not really much of an honor.
Thanks for your reply anyway. You're a real person. Love your character!
You're absolutely right. But that's not entirely true. In a way, you are right. The odds are higher.
What I didn't expect was that everyone who saw the reply was so well-behaved and spoke so appropriately. The language is clear and well-meaning, whether they share the same views or disagree. I like this language environment. Let's get high with words. Fill the loneliness.
Wayan, calm down. Emotional turmoil can be very damaging
Hehe hehe, sensible brother. Yes, emotions are hard on the body.
People's joys and sorrows, like the sour, sweet, bitter and hot cooking, life has a taste. I like the joys and sorrows, like the taste of cooking.
Well, by the way, isn't it embarrassing to be out here in the wilderness of love?!
No, God will give you a happy wife, ha ha
Must be a calm mind. Thank you!
Very strong and capable Oh, I hope this persistence and tenacity of love, can bring you good luck ~
Thank you very much!
Hello everyone, bored, looking for chicken soup for the soul.
And line and cherish, I wish the floor as soon as possible