If psychological maturity is compared to smelting steel, then if the answer to the question of how steel is tempered is tempered in a raging fire, it is because you only see the surface and do not see the essence. The essence should be that steel can be made either by fire or by real methods if the temperature is up to standard. Then, if the answer to the question of how the psychology is mature is tempered by various experiences such as sour, sweet, bitter and hot in life, ninety-eight and so on, it is also because you only see the skin and do not see the essence. The essence of psychological maturity should be naturally mature after understanding the laws of psychological activities.
It can be seen that experience as much as do not know how to think, summarize and grasp the psychological law is not mature, on the contrary, if you understand the psychological law even if there is no experience can be mature. As the saying goes, the scholar can know the world without going out, read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles, and knowledge is power.
As the saying goes, men should marry and women should marry. When people reach the age of physical maturity, they naturally have the need to start a family. But if the physical and mental maturity can not be at the same time, it means that it is not easy to find a soulmate suitable. But then again, how many people can now achieve both physical and psychological maturity? But better late than never. Especially when the basic material life problems are solved, psychological problems will become more and more obvious, so psychological maturity is more and more important.
Plans change. That's Silver, fool!
It's an honor to meet someone smarter than me, because it raises my perspective. The fly in the ointment is that if a point has only arguments and no evidence, it will be difficult to understand and fall into a state of confusion. Clearly, this is not what smart people want to achieve.
In real life, psychologically mature and immature people behave differently, especially when they encounter unpleasant things. For example, when encountering the rude behavior of others, the mentally immature people may lose control of their emotions and make impulsive and reckless things. Psychologically mature people will think twice about the situation they face in accordance with the law of psychological activities, one thought, whether they have done something sorry for each other, and the other thought, whether the other misunderstood their words or mistaken people. Think twice, whether the other party suffers from: see others unhappy to psychological balance of mental illness. After this kind of reflection and then according to the judgment made to take the corresponding countermeasures.
I always have a question, whether I am psychologically mature or immature? Some say yes and some say no, but I think so, in your opinion, am I or am I not?
I think the judgment of a person's psychological maturity mainly depends on whether the state of mind can remain stable at any time when dealing with people. In the forum to see whether a person is mature, the simple way is to see whether he can calmly and methodically treat each other's shortcomings, mistakes, flaws, and rational methods according to the right treatment to show his psychological maturity.
(I think the judgment of a person's psychological maturity mainly depends on whether the state of mind can remain stable at any time.)

Agree with the above point.
As a mentally mature social member, you must have a minimum of self-control.
Yes. You can't get along with each other by swearing or even fighting. The more important it is to stay calm in the face of big things. When the heart is confused, it is easy to make mistakes in judgment, play disorders, lose control of emotions, and make confused things on impulse.
Everyone looks at everything has its yardstick, and a person is difficult to do everything mature, if a person is not respected, it is normal to fight back, people have emotions, can not be counted as immature.
Self-esteem is human nature, although there are different degrees but everyone has nothing to do with maturity. But how to maintain self-esteem is related to maturity, mature people use rational ways, immature people use emotional ways.
Psychological maturity, directly said is whether there is psychological knowledge. People with psychological knowledge will naturally be rational to people according to psychological laws, and will never be emotional. Just like farming, the mature farmer will never plant according to the mood and use the emotional method of pulling up the seeds, but will water and fertilize the rational cultivation according to the law of crop growth.
All things in nature, including man, exist according to their own laws. For wise people, whether it is for people or things, they will mobilize the knowledge in their minds when they have time and need to think, and do things rationally after thinking. You don't have a blank mind and you don't think about it and you just feel it, and you do things in a primitive, instinctual way.
Psychological maturity first of all has nothing to do with age, it should be somewhat related to culture, upbringing, growth environment, etc., and perhaps also some relationship with experience.
No surprise, see the court flowers bloom; Go to stay unintentionally, diffuse with the sky clouds roll clouds shu.

No intention to stay or go can be peaceful, quiet and satisfied, can be philosophical and enterprising, smile at life.
You're right. Psychological maturity has nothing to do with age and everything to do with knowledge. With psychological knowledge naturally psychological maturity, natural will be rational in accordance with psychological knowledge, it is impossible to do ignorant emotional things. Like planting a crop, a man of knowledge would never do anything to promote such ignorant sentimentality. But rational things sometimes need to use the brain to think, if everything is more tired of thinking, so those things that do not matter need not be rational. In addition, in the face of emergency situations, mentally mature people will be emotional because they have no time to think, but when they have time to think, they will return to reason.
In fact, people are very complex, some people are the image to give people mature speech is not mature, remember a few years ago in Malaysia, a plane suddenly disappeared big news, I have always watched the program of If You Are the one Meng Fei impression is also good, the host Meng Fei said in the program every word has always given people a sense of maturity, But after the incident, he publicly said in the program that I would never travel to Malaysia in my life, which not only angered many Malaysians, but also shattered a good image because of a sentence.
What you're saying is quite common. Mature people pursue the style of doing things according to rules with a rational attitude, that is to say, although a mature person can not grasp the laws of various things or grasp the correct, but should always be rational in attitude or concept. In combination with what you said, if Meng Fei is mature, he should correct his mistakes rationally and promptly after finding them, the truth that no one is perfect is understood by everyone, so he can not only get everyone's understanding, but also improve his image because of the virtue of changing his mistakes.
I don't know if there was a public apology. I didn't follow up.
Knowing that we all know that we have done wrong, but think that as long as we do not admit it, we can fool the past, which is tantamount to concealing the same as stealing the bell, not only can not cover up the original error and increase the dishonest error. This irrational approach of assuming that there is more to gain than to lose is clearly a sign of immaturity.
Mr. Predestined, good days!
The small video you sent on the sincerity show to introduce wechat positioning function is very applicable, I really can't before.
Use it fully in the future.

Thank you very much!

And the video on the bus, Chang 'an Street?
you are welcome. It seems that you are familiar with Beijing. The video was indeed taken when you passed the front gate near Tian 'anmen on Chang 'an Avenue.