Like the question, why no one posts now… Is everyone too lazy to share or there is a better channel… I think people are lazy, passive, flat, don't want to worry… All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Happiness does not need to share, unfortunately their own chewing on the line, issued to be equal to tear the scar to others to see, the second injury has no eggs. I keep seeing your replies. I see you're active in the emotions section now. I think everyone needs an outlet… And sometimes people are easy to dig a corner, whether it is here or elsewhere, a lot of times to say their own unhappiness, good mood will be very ruthless, well, I prefer to use positive to describe me, I just want to find a sense of existence, no story happened naturally, no share I also have emotional problems. But, here… Send it here… What's the use? It's not a problem that can be enlightened in a few words here. What's more, the majority of people eat melons and see jokes online, most people will not feel the same, only stand and talk. People who come up to write stories are not necessarily objective, may hide a lot of advantages for themselves, others do not need opinions, just need someone to support themselves, say more but easy to be sprayed. It shows that everyone is out of a single happy life, everyone does not talk about emotions, emotional mentors will also be unemployed, wasting the "thin team" eighteen skills, nowhere to show their strength. Then you go to the old post ~ there must be a better channel ah! Send red envelopes I tell you there are other channels how possible, the story will happen every day ah, but a lot of people do not play proud estimate, I often quarrel with my sister-in-law in the past also disappeared… That said… People well, there must be an exit is not, everyone on the Internet does not know, say their unhappiness, the mood will be better… My evaluation is quite objective, I think, I do not look at the sister-in-law jokes, I really care about the happiness of the sister-in-law you in the village to carry water, outside to donate money to the sister-in-law, this life and sister-in-law predestined inside the emotional section of Posting are mostly married sister-in-law ah, marriage is the end of the world ah… Red envelopes are fine. I only accept in-person transactions. Go, go, go, tell me… I'll go for a stroll too… I want to save my sister-in-law… No, no, no… I'm just a lip service. I don't do things like… No money how to withhold girl ah, to romantic first waste that difficult to do. A child can't trap a Wolf. Then you can't… You have a lot to learn… Are you a Wolf? You're a little sheep at best. I met npd. What does npd mean?