Baihua Tea is a kind of tea with flowers as raw materials. Guangzhou Jiali is a brand of this kind of tea. Baihua Tea Guangzhou Beauty is a tea made of

different kinds of flowers, designed to make each cup of tea can emit a unique aroma and taste drink.
In the brand of Guangzhou Beauty, scented tea is mainly composed of various natural flowers such as petals, buds, jasmine, ginger, and roses. After different

processes, Baihua Tea Guangzhou Beauty presents a different taste and aroma, the unique flower and tea fragrance perfect integration.
All kinds of flowers have also brought different effects and curative effects to the flower tea. The common flowers in tea, such as nightgown and rose, can

regulate endocrine and relieve mood; Jasmine and other flowers have a calming effect, and conducive to sleep; Chrysanthemum is rich in vitamin C, which can

improve immunity and so on.
There are many key links in the production process of Baihua Tea Guangzhou Jia Li. The first is the selection of tea base, the basic tea should be lightly

fermented baked green oolong tea or white tea. Then is the selection of flower materials, high-quality flower materials of flower tea requires light

fragrance long, beautiful color, full meat. Then is the specific production process, different types and proportions of flower materials need different

harvesting, drying, flower and other processes, rigorous production process to ensure the taste and quality of tea.
The biggest feature of Baihua tea Guangzhou beauty is its rich aroma and smooth taste. When drinking tea, put a few petals, just like soaking flowers in the

rippling tea, drinking with the fragrance of flowers in the mouth, which is not available in other teas, and it is very refreshing to drink, dissipating heat

and relieving summer heat, beauty and beauty. Therefore, Baihua Tea Guangzhou beauty has also become one of the tea products that many people chase.
In general, Baihua Tea is a unique flower tea, selected natural high-quality flower materials, through rigorous production process, with a unique floral and

tea aroma. Tea can taste the mellow aroma of tea soup, but also enjoy the charming aroma of flowers. It is this special feeling that makes more and more

people like this kind of flower tea.