Guangzhou is one of the most prestigious cities in China. The city has a long history and unique culture, and is also a modern commercial center, which

attracts many tourists to visit. Guangzhou not only has fun to eat and shop, but also many amazing sights, of which the flowers are one of them.
Located at No. 1 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, qm Yuelaixiang is a comprehensive commercial district integrating entertainment, dining,

shopping and other functions. The architectural style here is unique, the decoration is gorgeous, and every evening, the scene of blooming flowers is more

charming. In addition, there are also entertainment facilities such as a game area, children's playground, and a movie theater in Baihua qm, where visitors

can enjoy a variety of entertainment activities in one stop.
If you are a shopping enthusiast, flowers and flowers are also a good place for you not to miss. There are many brand stores and small shops, including

fashion clothing, accessories, cosmetics and more. In addition, you can also find some local special products here, such as Cantonese mooncakes, jewelry and

so on, whether you want to buy some special souvenirs or want to buy daily necessities, here can meet your needs.
In addition to shopping, qm Yuelaixiang is also a food gathering place. There are all kinds of food here, including Chinese food, Western food, fast food and

so on. Among them, Cantonese morning tea is a must-try food, the morning tea shop here offers a variety of traditional Cantonese dim sum and tea, delicious

taste. In addition, there are some vendors offering local dishes, such as steamed rice, soup rice, Cantonese dim sum and so on. Whether you are looking for

authentic Cantonese cuisine or are looking for a snack to satisfy your cravings, there is something here to satisfy your taste buds.
All in all, the flower garden is a very worthwhile place to visit. There are not only beautiful views, but also a variety of activities for you to choose

from. Whether it's shopping, entertainment, or dining, you won't be disappointed. If you are planning a trip to Guangzhou, do not miss this unique business