There is a feeling can not condense in the heart, say it is good.
I have a classmate, the time of death and my wife's death is the same. My classmate is an official, I am a businessman, he has found two wives, the first is a political and legal cadre, after six months together, he thinks that the boy brought by this woman is too smart, afraid that his son will not be able to pressure others in the future, and suffer losses in property. So the divorce was rushed.
Later, I met this classmate, he said that he got married again, and the woman was 18 years younger than him.
I said: "Little 18 years old woman you coax her every day." Classmates said, fun, people, can not live long, have a good time to play on a few days to die.

"What will she do after you die?" the classmate thought for a moment and then said, "She goes back to where she came from."
"A little cruel, isn't it?"
"Cruel or not cruel, this is her will, besides, she is not married now, waiting is also waiting, why bother, life is waiting?"
Aych! You officials are quick and resolute in your work, not like us businessmen.
In fact, Lei Li is OK, popular will not be so wish, get along with you for a few years, you died to let me leave, cheaper you. "Grandson! Don't blame me for being immoral."
I think the woman who is 18 years younger is better at keeping her son alive than the clever boy.
Marriage is a good thing, but only want their own good, regardless of her safety, after all, will not be peaceful.
Dude, I think you're a calculating and a bad friend.
Since other people's sons are so intelligent and still want his property, his mother married him that is also pre-marital property.
Marrying younger eighteen years old shows that he has charm, Zhou Yu hit Huang Gai consensual.
Personally, I will not look for older than 50, although I like mature and stable uncle type, there is an age limit.
I don't think this is a distinction between officials and businessmen. People like officials, because of power, power will inevitably have money, the so-called power-money transaction is so. Don't you think businessmen have money? No, you're not even on the same order of magnitude for a small business. If you do business with tens or even hundreds of billions, you look to find a young and beautiful person is not easy? The current social consciousness is to recognize money and power, so how much energy you have can only be found in the same level of people with the same concept. In other words, no matter what you find, first of all, you must have the same three views, the same value judgment to talk about the talent is good, if two people can not talk together, their hearts are up to something, all day long quarrel without mutual understanding and tolerance at all, then it is not as good as a person to live together without happiness like this. I often wonder why I have to find a wife? Is it really impossible to live alone? Finding a partner is nothing more than to have a look after each other, to take care of each other, so as not to appear lonely, but if finding someone instead of increasing the pain then why?
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It refers to officials and businessmen of the same grade.
After a long courtship, they all come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter whether they're looking or not. They also fear marriage. More traditional people are still very careful to find objects, and are not willing to play once a day like playing water. I still really want to find someone who is in love with you. The most urgent time for a widower to find an object is the second year after losing his spouse, the third year, because he wants to relieve loneliness, after a long time, he feels single is also very good, and does not have to worry about what? Moreover, he has gradually gotten used to sunrise and sunset, and every day is not far from the grave.
Looking for a partner, especially looking for a wife, is for the future of life happiness, the premise of happiness is that two people have the same idea, mutual understanding and consideration of each other to take care of each other, people often say that cold and hot couples. Decades is fast stone also cover the heat, let alone flesh and blood people? It is not easy to find a wife who can also know cold and hot! Since the purpose is to find a wife who knows both cold and hot, if not so, find more than that is not asking for pain? A person living life, can deal with a variety of daily life things, not without a wife can not solve the meal, older, physical needs are optional, looking for a person is the result of bedfellows, the heart of evil, that is not looking for suffering? So it's not about how many they find, how young they are, how beautiful they are.
What's so close to the grave that you're looking for a wife? It is better to pay attention to their physical and mental health! I'm confident I'll make it to tea Day. Tea life is eighty-eight years old, because my mother was eighty-two years old due to hypertension stroke and paralysis, my eldest brother is eighty-five years old, my second brother is eighty-three years old, and my eldest sister is seventy-nine years old. My static heart rate is 55, my blood pressure is in an ideal state, there is almost no problem in the physical examination, and I am happy, so it is a high probability to reach tea life, and I also hope to reach white life, which is one year old. Ha-ha. Try to keep your body healthy. Don't be so pessimistic.
Full of confidence, positive energy like.
Energy is a physical concept, there is no positive or negative energy! Their own life in their own hands, pay attention to peace of mind, actively do their own sports, can find a better partner, can not find their own health and live a long life is not better than those who find a not two days and separate poor toss much better?
Look at what Mr. peter said is more reasonable in the future, people will live a long life, don't be pessimistic (many generations of my family have lived a long life, even if they are sick and go to 80 or 90, there are too many people around 100 years old)! Your age is the time to be carefree and happy every day!
Yeah, heading for 100.
Eat properly, exercise properly, maintain a good and healthy attitude, and live to 100 years old is not a problem
Thank you. Tips are important.
The man was exhausted when he was about to reach the top of the climb! If he says he'll climb it if he dies, he'll climb it. If he says it's over, there's no way to get up there. Well, he just has to stay there. I'm not the one who stays. I once said that I must make up the age of my wife's early departure, I will do it, because I am in good physical condition, quite a qualified pilot, just because the ingredients are not qualified and in the army into ground service. Now I am healthy, full of energy and ambitious. But sometimes also say low mood words, but only talk about, positive ability is not reduced.
Suddenly remembered N years ago to see a film, Xu Zhenjiang, the official I want… Ha ha!
Can have such recognition is really good, come on oh ~
Officials have pride and are leaders in everything.
It has little to do with officials or businessmen. It's about human nature. Everyone's choice is different.
You have to eat what you order.
Neither is forced by people is willing to play is willing to suffer, as long as the two slap can be photographed together, as a spectator I only applaud.
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Officials have a heart of iron!
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