I think the only way to get a good marriage is to know what a good marriage entails. As far as I know, for the average person, a harmonious marriage will have the following five conditions: food and clothing, safety, respect, easy communication, young and middle-aged sexual life ability. The reasons are as follows: If the conditions of survival of this relationship are not guaranteed, people will struggle at any time on the line of life and death, and it is difficult to imagine such a life can be harmonious. Respect without protection means that you will be betrayed, abandoned, and even hurt by each other at any time, and it is impossible to live in harmony. If you can't communicate easily, you will always feel inhibited, even if everything else is good. It's also a problem for young and middle-aged couples if they don't have sex.

In these conditions, food and clothing conditions are relatively easy to verify, and other conditions are difficult to verify if they are not actually contacted. In terms of safety conditions, usually polite but encounter bad things or drink, it is judged that two people have violent behavior, or the other party's children have violent tendencies, if there is no actual contact for a certain period of time, it is impossible to verify. In terms of respect, being polite in public or at the beginning of acquaintance will become different at home or over a long period of time, and it cannot be verified without a certain amount of actual contact. In easy communication conditions, it is necessary to verify the actual contact.
After knowing the conditions required for a harmonious marriage, search for a suitable candidate on the Internet according to the required conditions, and then conduct a careful initial check on the Internet, and finally conduct actual contact verification.
After this complete marriage procedure, can you get a harmonious marriage? Only after the actual experience can the final judgment be made. I hope I get a chance to go through this procedure soon.
There are five things you need for a happy marriage. The marriage obtained by the feeling of love at first sight or heart is often moved or attracted by one of the other's conditions, and may also be five conditions other than the conditions that are not necessary for marriage harmony. For example, some women are moved by a generous man, and some men are fascinated by a beautiful woman. Such a marriage based on affection or appearance is obviously difficult to ensure that the other party has the five conditions of marital harmony. Although love at first sight or heart feeling this kind of people indulge in the temporary emotional marriage will also have harmony, but just like parents arranged baby relatives also have harmony is by chance coincidence luck, is not universal.
Note: The above views are calculated by computer and are for reference only.
In my opinion, remarriage requires both parties to have the most basic life foundation (ability) and both parties to have good cultivation, that is, good temperament and self-discipline. Be reasonable.
You're right. Having a basic life (ability) means that food and clothing conditions can be guaranteed. Culture is equal to safety, respect conditions can be guaranteed, will not do things that hurt each other's feelings, when confronted with contradictions, will persuade people with reason, will not use violence to persuade people.
Although generally speaking, to verify whether the other party has the conditions for a harmonious marriage can not be separated from the actual contact, but if you change your thinking to find a way to verify that the other party is an honest person, then you can understand whether the other party has the conditions for a harmonious marriage from the other party's information and chat.
Honesty is closely related to morality. After computer simulation, the following conclusion can be drawn: a person who often does all kinds of immoral things such as stealing chickens and touching dogs is difficult to be believed to be honest.
I have a question
You must have at least one personal information when you sign up for SP membership, right? That means at least one ★, right?
But I found that there are no ★ members. Am I behind the scenes?
People should be wary of this kind of membership, right?
If you don't write anything, you'll lose a star. This makes it impossible to tell whether the person is male or female, old or young, married or unmarried.
While it's possible to judge a person's honesty online by referring to their morality, it can be difficult if a person never or rarely speaks.
No one wants to have shortcomings, but no one is perfect, so the computer will deduce the following conclusion: The more honest people are about their shortcomings, the less they will try to hide them. Therefore, it would be much easier to judge a person's honesty if the option to fill in the shortcomings was added to the marriage profile.
If everyone values integrity, online dating will be much easier, and there will be no need to focus on identifying whether the other party is telling the truth.
Online marriage should find a way to make people believe in themselves under the premise of ensuring safety, otherwise, no one will believe in the details of the self-introduction.