I'm about to turn 50, and many 45-year-old women in my hometown are basically retired. So I guess it's time to watch the sunset. I hope I can meet a suitable person to watch the afterglow together…
ま も な く 50 に showed into し, therefore 郷 の 45 の showed more women の く は basic に resigned life し て い ま す. だから, the New Year を see に to る time だと think います. The sun の afterglow を a xu に see て, suitable に will えたらいいなと think います.

I' m about to turn 50, the 45-year-old woman inmy hometown is basically retiring. So I think it' s time for me to come and see the sunset. Hope to meet the right person to see the afterglow together…
This is my first time in the forum to do the floor, so no popularity, is my expectation. But on reflection, there is courage. I hope you also have the courage to leave your footprints and be friends to talk about life together.
The forties are the golden years of life.
How do they call themselves sunset?
The girl shows her skills, knows three languages, and is attractive.
More than forty years old, just in the prime of time, is the sun shining in the sky, how to say the sunset and the afterglow?
It's embarrassing to be so old. # 128517; . It may be a little early to enter the sunset, but both physical and learning abilities are slowing down.
There are so many good people out there, and I'm just trying. In fact, as a woman, the average woman, this age is just entering retirement age. Maybe the sun at five or six in the afternoon.
Weak water three thousand, only take a ladle of people, so I wish you to find their own happiness
It is very useful to adjust a good attitude, a good attitude, although the body is aging, but the mentality can remain calm. When you have 100 percent of your strength, you will be at ease to do 100 percent of your strength; when you have 10 percent of your strength, you will be at ease to do 10 percent of your strength while you are still breathing.
Thank you. I wish you all the best.
Thank you, I wish you a healthy Dragon Boat Festival.
Thank you, first time on the forum, still very strange. I wish you a healthy Dragon Boat Festival.