As an economically developed city in southern China, Shenzhen has many recreational facilities and tourist attractions. As one of the most distinctive spa

brands in Shenzhen, Lisi Water Club has many unique spa projects and facilities, which are deeply loved by tourists.
Located in Bao 'an District of Shenzhen City, Lisi Water Club covers an area of 5000 square meters. The water will use European architectural style, the

interior decoration pattern atmosphere is quite romantic, giving people a very pleasant feeling.
Entering the water club, the first thing you will see is a large indoor hot spring area, where there are several large indoor hot spring pools, mineral water

bathtubs with various bath functions, and special aromatherapy rooms, providing excellent comfort for visitors.
Another highlight of the Lisi Water Club is the unique spa treatment. Water club in the foot bath room, aromatherapy room, sweat room, sauna, sea salt

fullerene room and other facilities, each facility has professional staff to provide guests with thoughtful service.
On the other hand, Lisi Water also offers a number of spa programs tailored to different areas and needs of the body, including deep muscle massage, yoga

classes, boxing fitness and aromatherapy. Designed to provide guests with a wide range of services and facilities.
Lisi Water Club service first, considerate and thoughtful attitude is amazing. Every staff member is very enthusiastic, patient, and meticulous to relieve

each guest's fatigue, so that they can experience the most comfortable spa effect. At the same time, the facilities here are also very convenient, guests

only need to walk here, you will feel slowly towards the comfortable track.
In short, Shenzhen Lishi Water Club is an absolutely worth experiencing the spa, people who come here will feel a series of surprises, the service provided

here is not only a spa experience, but a physical and mental dual relaxation journey.