Phoenix Water Club is a well-known hot spring resort in Shenzhen, located in Luohu Peninsula Road, is a centralized leisure, health as one of the high-end

health club. Shenzhen Phoenix Water Club is renowned throughout the country for its excellent spring quality and considerate service. Every weekend and

holiday, tourists come in an endless stream, attracting many tourists to experience.
Shenzhen Phoenix Water Club is located in Luohu District, close to Shenzhen city center, very convenient. Located in the mountains of the peninsula, water

comes naturally from underground springs, which are purified and treated to produce healthy water for customers to enjoy. The water temperature is maintained

at about 36 degrees Celsius all year round, which is very suitable for public health and recuperation.
Phoenix Water Club provides a variety of different thermal baths, such as indoor hot springs, outdoor hot springs, baths, spa, etc. Guests can choose their

own projects according to their preferences. Phoenix Water Club also specially designed different constant temperature pools for guests, according to

different water temperatures for different adjustments to meet the needs of different guests.
In addition to the spa bath, the Phoenix Water Club also offers more recreational activities. Such as the black stone Jacuzzi, Saipan Beach simulation pool,

foot bath, sauna, etc., designed to allow guests to relax and enjoy. At the same time, the Phoenix Water Club also provides food and entertainment

activities, such as skating, movies, KTV, etc. Guests can enjoy entertainment and food in the water club.
At Shenzhen Phoenix Club, guests can also enjoy professional physiotherapy and massage services. There are professional physiotherapists in the water club,

who can treat different problems of guests to eliminate fatigue, relax muscles and relieve stress. In addition, there is a beauty center and a gym in the

club to provide guests with more comprehensive and professional services.
In short, Shenzhen Phoenix Water Club is a high-end health club worth visiting in Shenzhen. It not only provides high-quality hot spring vacation and leisure

services, but also provides further medical and health management, which truly embodies the value concept of "physical and mental health, comprehensive